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Watch the subtle, but appreciable changes with Whiskey. 

Whiskey 2.5 yr old healthy spayed female pitbull terrier.  Weight 42lbs.

General demeanor is hyper and very excitable. Normal, un-medicated cage behavior is very alert and interested in surroundings.

Whiskey was given 3 dots of Sileo on the right buccal side of her maxilla as directed in instructions. At 5 minutes the patient had no behavioral changes, but did have unilateral local vasoconstriction and paleness of the mucosa. The left side appeared pink and normal. The unilateral paleness persisted for >1 hour. Her cage behavior included falling asleep and lying with her head down.

At 20 minutes Whiskey showed mild behavioral changes with a more quite and less hyperactive demeanor. At 30 minutes she was very calm and owner noted she was essentially a different dog behaviorally, even following commands better. At 1 hour patient maintained the level of “calmness”.



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